Quality Assurance Engagements

Financial Statement Audit services based in Missoula, MT

Our professionals have significant experience in the performance of financial statement audit engagements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Whether you are required to complete a financial statement audit by your investor, banker, or other stakeholder, we can help make the audit a pleasant and worthwhile experience.

We currently specialize in the affordable housing and food/beverage franchisor industries and would love the opportunity to talk to you about your financial statement audit needs. The purpose of a financial statement audit is to provide an independent certified public accountant’s opinion as to whether your financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects. There are inherent risks in any financial statement audit and there is an unavoidable risk that some misstatements may not be detected that do exist. It is important to understand the nature and limitations of audit engagement. Make an appointment to talk to one of our professionals today!

Other Attestation Services

Other Attestation Services

Attestation standards give us a variety of attestation engagements. Other than financial statement audits, which are described above, other attestation engagements include examinations, reviews and agreed-upon procedures. These engagements differ in a number of ways, including the nature and extent of procedures performed by an independent certified public accountant. It is important to speak with an experienced professional so that you have a good understanding of what you may be required to obtain in comparison to the types of engagements available to you. Send us an email today and we can setup a time to discuss your specific needs. We are based in Missoula, Montana and provide services to clients in 15 states.